Condor Operations

Conduct safe and effective field activities with specialised management and operational features including a mobile app and oversight console.

Condor Operations: your hub for field operation planning and execution

Condor Operations increases situational awareness and decreases risk, by providing real-time access to information in a secure environment, giving your operation the greatest chance of ultimate success.

The specialised mobile app provides field agents the ability to instantly communicate to base and to each other, accessing and sharing secure, real-time information and records.

Industry-leading mobile features integrate with the management and oversight console enabling secure real-time communication, intelligence sharing and situational awareness during field activity.

Condor Operations also minimises post-operational administration by capturing evidence discretely and producing logs from the field.


Maximise operational efficiency, increase situational awareness and reduce operation risk. Condor Operations mobile app and management console combine to support effective planning and execution of field-based operations.

Connecting the team to one another and to base enables more effective communication and more efficient operations. Condor Operations provides the ability to understand the whole team’s movements, obtain information in real time and make better decisions during operations.

Reach your field agents faster when it matters. Condor Operations enables you to share the information you need in real time. Optimise resources by making quicker decisions while planning operations, cutting down on paperwork by capturing evidence discretely and producing logs from the field.

Improve team safety by enhancing their situational awareness in the field. Provide access to the information in real time, across the whole team using the mobile app. Manage security risks by ensuring all relevant information is protected within the highly secure and auditable system.

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