Condor Compliance

Designed specifically for agencies with specialised powers – helping ensure efficient, effective and seamless compliance with legislative obligations.

Condor Compliance: the highest level of visibility, oversight and reporting

Developed to reduce the administrative burden of compliance, Condor Compliance is used by many government agencies with high-level powers under State or Commonwealth Acts.

With the functionality to support specialist tasks including telecommunications intercepts, searches, surveillance or controlled operations, Condor Compliance seamlessly provides the highest level of visibility, oversight and reporting as an integral part of the investigative process.

Teams receive accurate pictures of information and can effortlessly produce reports and documentation to articulate even complex situations with end-to-end process management and controls, and sophisticated data access management.


Condor Compliance is a dedicated solution for agencies with specialised powers to ensure efficient, effective, and seamless compliance in their legislative obligations.

Built specifically for the particular and demanding needs of legislative compliance, Condor Compliance ensures processes are followed and documented accurately.

Designed to deliver the highest level of visibility and oversight, Condor Compliance provides a complete and transparent view of information without interfering with investigative processes – and effortlessly documents activity with intuitive reporting.

As part of the wider system, you can trust that Condor is secure. When Condor Compliance works with other Condor solutions, information can be passed securely, and flexible access controls mean you can configure user access to your requirements.

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