Condor Assess

Flexibly implement and automate the processes and procedures required to manage incoming information, de-duplicate records, assess cases and manage oversight procedures.

Condor Assess: effective triage, prioritisation and assessment of incoming information

Built to support smarter and more consistent decision-making for teams receiving complaints or matters, Condor Assess enables automated workflows, reporting and file management, and a valuable tool-set to streamline and enhance decision-making.

With the flexibility to create workflows tailored for an organisation’s specific policies and procedures, Condor Assess empowers managers to gain insight into the workflow (and workload) of the team while tracking matters from inception to outcome.

Reduce the burden of administration and risk of human error – with automatic matter ingestion, information sharing, automated reviews and approvals and full audit history of all actions and decisions

Condor is trusted by leading regulatory and law enforcement agencies to provide a rigorous review process and accountability.


Establish clear assurance and accountability for decisions and improve organisational operations with information collation, tracking and sharing tools.

More time working with information and less time managing it means a reduction in the amount of time spent recording and sharing information, looking for the right information and requesting more information. Prioritisation tools also effectively demonstrate where time and focus should be applied – enabling optimal staff efficiency.

Reducing duplication and increasing accuracy by automating incoming matters significantly reduces opportunities for human error, mistakes and lost data. Comprehensive records provide a trusted source of truth for reviews and referrals.

Sharing information from the same source ensures consistent context and other specific details across teams or organisations, allowing more efficient collaboration. Real-time sharing saves time on long and untracked writing correspondence and reduces the risk of missing information or misinterpreted messaging.

Based on decades of industry-specific experience and knowledge, Condor Assess is trusted, tried and tested. Leading intelligence agencies across Australia trust Condor’s rigorous review processes and how configurable the system is to meet your specific needs (with any number of reviews allowed). Digital signatures and authorisation functionality ensures total accountability within an organisation and externally.

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