Condor is Australia’s leading investigation and intelligence management software.

Nimble and constantly evolving

Enhance your Investigation management system and gain clarity, efficiency and accountability across your entire organisation.

Our world-class system caters to the diverse business requirements of each organisation. Have the right functions, workspaces and security access for your team, with the benefits of a single, unified digital system.

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We are trusted within the industry to deliver a robust and highly secure system that is reliable and customised for your operations.

Our system offers a suite of robust and reliable solutions designed to be modular and fit the needs of different organisations. Each of the modules meets a specific function yet they work seamlessly together as a full-featured system. Whether you select one or all five, Condor will be a perfect fit for your organisation.

We take security seriously. Our cutting-edge modules are resilient, flexible, and fit for purpose to meet any combination of complex security requirements. You can trust that we will understand your precise security needs and we will meet them.

Your system will be ready to deploy, quickly. Out-of-the-box products are reliable, secure and are constantly and easily updated. Condor is always evolving with new upgrades and features. We take care of installations, maintenance and management for you.

Pay for the features you need and nothing else. Condor is flexible enough to meet your specific requirements without the price and lengthy time to develop a bespoke solution. Our industry experience means we understand how your organisation works and have created similar custom requirements before.

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