Condor Operations

Field operation planning and execution hub, providing everything your organisation needs to conduct safe and effective field activities.

Secure, real-time communication during field activity

Feel equipped and informed in the field, no matter where you are.

Condor Operations is the tool for field operation planning and execution. It provides everything your organisation needs to conduct safe and effective field activities.

This solution allows field agents to communicate to base and to each other, instantly. They can access and share secure, real-time information and records via a mobile phone app.

Condor Operations increases situational awareness and decreases risk, giving your operation the greatest chance of ultimate success.


Maximise operational efficiency, increase situational awareness and reduce operation risk. Condor Operations uses secure and real-time office and mobile solutions to help you plan and execute effective field-based operations.

Build trust and comradery in your team. Having the ability to connect to one another and touch base at all times means you can work together more effectively. Know each others’ movements, obtain information in real time and make better decisions during operations.

Reach your field agents faster when it matters. Condor Operations allows you to share the information you need in real time. You will be able to make quicker decisions for resource allocation and operations. Cut down on paperwork by capturing evidence discretely and producing logs while you are in the field.

Condor Operations will help you improve your team’s safety by increasing the situational awareness of those in the field. Everyone will have access to the same information in real time. The app is highly secure to ensure all relevant information is protected.

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