Condor Operations

Field operation planning and execution hub, providing everything your organisation needs to conduct safe and effective field activities.

Secure, real-time communication during field activity

A field operation planning and execution hub, providing everything your organisation needs to conduct safe and effective field operations while increasing situational awareness and decreasing risk.

Condor Operations is the software solution for preparing, managing and conducting surveillance-centric and other field operations involving single or multiple operatives.

The specialised mobile apps provide investigators the ability to instantly communicate to base and to each other, accessing and sharing secure, real-time information about people, places, vehicles, media and other intelligence.

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Maximise operational efficiency, increase situational awareness and reduce operation risk. Condor Operations uses secure and real-time office and mobile solutions to help you plan and execute effective field-based operations.

  • Secure messaging between remote operatives and command through iOS or Android mobile apps
  • Easy, secure, centralised access to assigned jobs and related information
  • Mobile availability of target and other operational information
  • Real-time synching of logged observations (including text, images, audio and video) to other operatives and command in real-time, with automated log reports and full chain of custody for evidentiary purposes
  • Quick and easy access to all job details including EOI data, images and background info
  • Map-view displays live team locations and EOI data – use street view and other Google Maps features from within the app
  • Offline synchronisation allows use of the app even when a data connection is not available
  • Manage jobs and operations throughout their full life cycle
  • Assign operatives directly or via teams for expediency and efficiency
  • Manage entity of interest records such as person, address and vehicle records which can be reused across operations and jobs
  • Operational situational awareness with field operatives visible in real time on maps on mobile devices and command room, including flexible multi-operation views and intel-feeds
  • Maintain integrity with observations and media secure from the moment they are recorded, with full chain of custody for evidentiary purposes, and no paper to fall into the wrong hands
  • Minimise post-operational administration by capturing evidence discretely and producing logs from the field. Easily produce multiple versions for different audiences.
  • Automatically generate reports to provide standardisation and cut down on unnecessary admin

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