Condor Investigate

Get complete oversight of your investigation. From planning, to evidence and information collection, to brief production and outcomes management.

A flexible end-to-end investigations management system designed to support information collection, sharing and tracking and built for the highly complex, specialised and non-linear nature of investigations.

Condor Investigate is a sophisticated, easy-to-use centralised hub that displays and provides insight into every phase of an investigation, giving you and your teams complete oversight of investigations – from planning to evidence and information collection, brief production and outcomes management.

With two decades of experience with Australia’s leading intelligence organisations, Condor Investigate not only meets every requirement of the AGIS 2022 guidance but exceeds it in ways that make investigations more effective and efficient, enabling investigators to work in a flexible yet transparent way, respond to intelligence and allow the investigation to take its own path.

Assess incidents, manage referrals, track decision making, plan investigations, manage compliance and reporting (with no additional admin), integrate with third-party forensic platforms, request and manage internal support requests with different teams, manage special operations and produce legal documents from automated templates.

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Improve the planning and management of your investigations with Condor Investigate. This comprehensive framework provides an exceptional capacity to collate, manage and track information and evidence for investigations – all in one place.

Built to support the way you investigate

Investigations are rarely linear – so Condor provides the flexibility to easily change focus, add activities, log evidence and create file notes, status reports and other documentation.

Cut down on admin by automating document production

Ready loaded with a library of templates including case notes, plans, status reports, interviews, statements and evidence collection to briefs of evidence, intelligence reports and case records, search warrants, memoranda, affidavits and briefs of evidence, with the option to add your own documentation templates to further cut down on administration resourcing.


All of the rich evidentiary data gathered during an investigation is available to be fed into the brief of evidence and pulled together in the system significantly reducing admin time. Different templates are available for different brief types with full referencing and linages to the evidence matrix, output as an e-brief including evidential media and documents.

Specialised for Australian law enforcement

Specialised support for advanced law enforcement powers including warrant and notice management, informant management, controlled operations and assumed identities.

Accessible on the go with secure mobile log-ins

Removing the time constraint of double-handling, allowing all information to be logged and shared in real-time across units. Configurable security means only the right people will have access to each investigation.

Manage access and security

Security access is configurable at a granular level meaning you’ll never have to run investigations off-system. Ensure the people that need access can log in from anywhere to have access to the information they need to make decisions and take action while keeping sensitive investigations compartmentalised and secure.

Build rich information profiles

Each investigation connects entities of interest (people, property, vehicles or companies), allowing information about the entity and their relationships to build up over time from multiple investigations, covert operations and sources to provide rich historical data to all investigators.

Simple and automated matter ingestion

Incidents are automatically pulled or pushed into the system, and based on easily configured rules in the system, the matter is sent to the appropriate team for initial assessment.

Workflow and processes

Configured for each team, allowing for different investigative needs with a broad library of specialised activity types – including case notes, plans, status reports, interviews, statements evidence, checks and decisions available ‘out-of-the-box’.

Specialised for the Australian environment

With the functionality required to manage legislative powers including warrant management, T2 powers and risk management, Condor modules integrate to provide a full-service investigation management solution to all levels of law enforcement.

Full accountability and transparency

Decisions about investigations are managed within the system with easy configuration of appropriate processes for each type of investigation and approval required.

Single point of truth for powerful reporting

All data is in the same system so rich, powerful and fast reporting is available in real time.

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