Condor Investigate

Get complete oversight of your investigation. From planning, to evidence and information collection, to brief production and outcomes management.

Condor Investigate is a centralised hub that displays every phase of an investigation.

Manage your investigations meticulously, in one place.

Condor Investigate was built for the intuitive and highly demanding nature of investigations. This flexible module provides an exceptional capacity to collect, share and track information, effectively. With two decades of experience with Australia’s leading intelligence organisations, Condor Investigate has been strategically designed to improve accountability and communication.

These tools will help your team effectively plan and manage investigations and evidence, in one system. This provides you with more reliable processes and faster and smarter decision-making.


Improve the planning and management of your investigations with Condor Investigate. This comprehensive framework provides an exceptional capacity to collate, manage and track information and evidence for investigations – all in one place.

You can depend on Condor Investigate. Condor is trusted by leading intelligence agencies to provide a robust investigation management system. This module allows you to access and collate all the information you need to make informed decisions. The full support for digital signatures and authorisation ensures you have total accountability across your organisation.

Gain back time for your most important work by reducing bottlenecks that slow an investigation down. Condor Investigate creates a faster, smoother process by collating all important information in one place. You can track investigations and have several decision makers assess recommendations simultaneously, speeding up the process.

Condor Investigation was built specifically for the intuitive nature of investigations. It is an extremely flexible system that supports multiple investigation types so you can manage and track your investigations seamlessly. This provides a greater capacity to collect, manage and share information.

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