Condor Intel

Capture and maintain valuable intelligence, and easily access information, create connections and build comprehensive link networks to preserve value beyond the life of an individual case.

A robust intelligence management system to help your organisation work smarter.

Condor Intel is your single source of truth, allowing you to seamlessly process and value add to incoming intelligence and create relationship networks.  And by automatically creating intelligence relationships as a normal part of the investigative process, it also ensures the value of your information extends beyond the life of an individual case.


Condor Intel is a powerful system that builds comprehensive intelligence networks and relationship links.

See the big picture. Condor Intel gives you the capacity to foresee issues early and develop crime prevention strategies, public information campaigns or areas for potential audit.

Spend less time managing information and more time using it. Condor Intel’s features work together efficiently so your team can focus on the important work without getting lost in data. This reduces paper handling, manual integration and double-ups.

Work smarter and faster. Condor Intel’s case management functions help teams perform at their best. The visibility on investigation processes, shared information and relationship links give you the knowledge you need at the right time. It will also reduce the abundance of spreadsheets and files.

Spend more time on the work that matters. Condor Intel helps you gain more time with an intuitive system that allows you to manage your information effectively while retaining accountability.

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