Condor Compliance

Designed specifically for agencies with specialised powers – ensuring efficient, effective and seamless compliance with legislative obligations.

Capture all your legislative compliance processes within one system.

Condor Compliance is a dedicated solution that improves legislative compliance for agencies who conduct any form of investigation or related activities. With vast industry expertise, Condor Compliance has been refined through decades of experience, delivering software for government organisations with high-level powers, to create the ideal system for compliance.

It is especially useful for government agencies with high-level powers under State or Commonwealth Acts, such as the power to intercept and access telecommunications data, searches, surveillance or controlled operations. Condor Compliance is a smart addition to your broader investigation management Condor solution.


Condor Compliance is a dedicated solution for agencies with specialised powers, to ensure efficient, effective and seamless compliance in their legislative obligations.

Condor Compliance was built specifically to cater to the particular and demanding needs of legislative compliance. We have designed the system to function for your organisation, so it intuitively performs the tasks you require.

The entire system has been designed for the highest level of visibility and oversight without interfering with other investigative processes. You can feel assured that you are getting the best picture of your information and can effortlessly produce the reports to prove it.

As part of the wider system, you can trust that Condor is secure. When Condor Compliance works with other Condor solutions, information can be passed securely. You can trust that you will have the access controls you need.

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