Condor Assess

Effective triage, prioritisation and assessment of incoming information, supporting smarter and consistent decision-making.

Manage high volumes of incoming information, effortlessly.

Condor Assess offers a suite of tools that empower you to manage your information more effectively. These include automated workflows, reporting and file management, and unparalleled tools for critical decision making.
Improve organisation-wide visibility and awareness using a range of intuitive features and gain clarity on how your team is working and where to allocate your time and focus.
The system automatically shares relevant data with other teams within and outside your organisation as required, and tracks matters from their inception to their final outcome.
These tools allow you to implement the processes and procedures that are right for your organisation, which assures your team and provides a highly organised, efficient and accountable workplace.


Have total assurance and accountability for decisions and improve your organisational operations through Condor Assess’ information collation, tracking and sharing tools.

Spend more time working with your information and less time managing it. Condor Assess reduces the amount of time you spend recording and sharing information, looking for the information you need and requesting more information. The solution also provides prioritisation tools which effectively show you where to prioritise your time and focus.

Reducing the duplication of manually entered forms, significantly reduces opportunities for human error, mistakes or lost data. This means you can trust the information you are working with and everyone has the same starting point for reviews and referrals. This will also further enhance your reputation as a trusted organisation.

Condor Assess allows you to share information from the same source, so you have the same context and specific details as other teams or organisations. This allows you to collaborate when needed more efficiently. By sharing the information instantly, you save time on long and untracked writing correspondence. This reduces opportunities for things to go missing or to be misinterpreted.

A trusted, tried and tested process. Condor Assess has been cultivated through two decades of dedicated industry specific knowledge. Condor is trusted by leading intelligence agencies to provide a rigorous review process. This solution allows you to customise the review process to meet your specific needs with any number of reviews allowed. The full support for digital signatures and authorisation ensures you have total accountability for your organisation.

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