Condor is IRAP Protected Level compliant


Condor is used by agencies with exceptionally high security requirements both at state and federal level. It has been assessed and found compliant by multiple government and corporate organisations. And now Condor’s full cloud managed service has been assessed against IRAP (Infosec Registered Assessors Program).
IRAP was launched by the Australian Government lead agency for cyber security, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (a division of the Australian Government: Australian Signals Directorate).
The enhanced IRAP program accredits assessors to provide high-quality and independent security assessments for government agencies and service providers. They assess security controls for a system and its environment and determine if they have been implemented correctly and are operating as intended.
Condor has been IRAP assessed against Protected Level controls.
The assessments are a way to ensure that the cyber security of a software is appropriate for the environment in which it is deployed. The implementation of the independent review recommendations is part of the ACSC’s continued drive to help make Australia the most secure place to connect online.

“I’m very proud of the team and the work that they do day in and day out to ensure that the Condor software suite is not only a leading solution for investigative agencies, but is also operating at the highest levels of security. Having now been IRAP assessed gives us the assurance that we are able to deliver at the cyber-security levels expected by the Australian government”

Ian Moes, CEO Condor