We know Security

Keeping your information secure is vital, particularly in the broader law enforcement, compliance, regulatory and intelligence domains which can have complicated need-to-know versus need-to-share requirements. We’ve been operating in these environments for over 20 years, so understand how important information security and access control is to get right. Our decades long relationships with our customers are testament to the great care we take in understanding and addressing their specialised security requirements.

Secure Access

We’ve designed Condor to provide flexible and granular security and access controls specifically developed to allow us to meet varied and complex security requirements.

All records can have separate security profiles allowing the system to restrict access to sensitive material within a case. This means material can be appropriately secured, without needing to limit access to the entire case to all users and lose the benefits of data sharing and collaboration.

The Condor security model supports both role-based static access control using access profiles as well as dynamic assignment-based access control using case-based access control lists.   The security framework is based on the RBAC standard, but it goes far beyond the standard CRUD model, allowing us to specifically develop granular security rights to meet any combination of required functionality.

Secure Cloud Deployment

You can trust the integrity of data will be safe. We have partnered with Microsoft and their best-in-class Azure Cloud Platform to host our managed solutions. Your cloud service will be deployed on the IRAP protected-level certified Azure Australia Central Region, in their Canberra, Australia based data-centres.

Condor solutions use end to end SSL encryption through all network layers to ensure secure transmission of data. In addition, the connection between Azure and a client premises is protected to ensure there are no public facing endpoints accessible wherever possible, and to provide an additional layer of encryption when traversing public networks. All data storage is encrypted at rest, this includes both the database and the application server. Each client solution uses fully separate database and application server instances and has its own virtual networking to keep the environments fully separated.

All Azure infrastructure is continually evaluated by Azure Security Centre in order to provide pro-active security alerts for any unexpected activity, protection from known threats and management of the compliance against security baselines.

If your requirements disallow cloud deployment, we can also support on-site deployments. Contact us for more information.

Secure Development

Distillery Software develops the Condor solution in accordance with the principals outlined in the following: