Distillery Software

Distillery Software has over 20 years of experience providing enterprise-grade investigation and intelligence management solutions for government agencies and the private sector in Australia and internationally. 

Distillery’s Condor Investigate suite is the product of decades of specialist industry experience and focus on supporting the specific requirements of investigative processes.  

Each Condor solution can be used individually or integrates seamlessly to provide an end-to-end enterprise-grade package of specialist investigation and intelligence case management software solutions. Condor customers include a broad array of law enforcement, investigative, intelligence, regulatory and compliance agencies in Australia and overseas. 

Condor has been purpose-built from our industry expertise to exceed the needs of today’s connected world where reliability, flexibility, interoperability, services orientation and mobile capabilities are now expectations. 

Meet our expert team

Industry experts on your team 

With over 100 years of industry experience, our team has a thorough understanding of end-to-end investigative and intelligence management processes, paired with world-class IT security knowledge. We have developed and refined a proven agile approach to designing and implementing solutions that meet your organisation’s specific investigation and intelligence case management requirements. 

We also know that providing the solution is just the first step in the journey. Not only do we offer an end-to-end software solution, we offer end-to-end customer service, ongoing support and enhancements as your environment and requirements evolve. Our clients are our top priority, and our ability to continue delivering value and impress is reflected in our many long-term partnerships with our clients, many spanning well over a decade.