Condor’s platform streamlines the management of complex and critical investigations within regulatory agencies.

For agencies with regulatory oversight, Condor provides the ability to manage end-to-end investigations of businesses to ensure that they are compliant with legislation. From triage to assessments, intelligence management and additional powers, Condor’s intuitive interface allows each matter to be fully documented within normal work processes.

Flexible and secure

Condor’s high-security solution is easily configurable, ensuring confidentiality whilst also allowing the right resources to have access to the information they need to make accurate assessments.

Cut down on admin

Condor automates documentation production and reporting – allowing key resources to focus on higher value tasks. From the ingestion of complaints from multiple sources, matter triage and assessment and referrals to investigation teams, standard workflows provide a streamlined and easily managed experience. Documents such as notices, fines and referrals can be generated from within the system using data already recorded.

Build rich intelligence profiles

An integrated intelligence management module allows investigators to deepen their understanding of entities involved in an investigation, by allowing easy access to visualise relationships between people, organisations, and addresses. Each investigation supplements this intelligence layer, with all allegations, investigations, evidence and outcomes recorded to the entity for future review.

Specialised for regulatory agencies

Condor’s solution for regulatory agencies not only supports key functions (assessment, triage and investigations) but can also provide the specialist tools required where agencies have additional operational powers such as surveillance or telephone intercepts.


Condor in action

Condor’s assess module provides critical functionality for the ingestion and management of high volumes of reports.

Whether generated internally , from the public or whistleblowers, referrals  from other government agencies or mandatory reporting from businesses themselves, all ingestion channels can be automated with workflows to direct each category to the appropriate team or area.

Condor can be configured to provide internally standard processes for management – from identifying the issue and what should be done, to the recommended decision and formal acceptance of decision. Each can have a range of different outcomes – all of which can be managed and automated within the system and the required paperwork generated from within the system reducing time and resources spent on administration.

Where serious misconduct is suspected and a full investigation is warranted, the Condor Investigate module provides a full suite of investigations management tools, including investigation planning, activities and evidence management.

Benefits of Regulatory

Seamless management for regulatory agencies

Condor streamlines activity and automates administration, enabling more effective use of resource by providing configurable processes, workflows, decision flows, and automated document production.

Maintain all data in one system and retain it over time in an easily maintainable, fully managed system, completely tailored to your own internal procedures.

Every action and decision is recorded in Condor’s system, allowing for justification of all decisions and reporting on key performance metrics.