Law Enforcement

Condor is an end-to-end investigations management tool – providing flexible, secure, and user-friendly solutions for the modern investigation team in law enforcement.

Condor supports the way your investigation team works with a unique modular structure. Whether you work in a state or federal police force, a crime commission, with border force or in a defence investigation team, our platform is designed to manage activities from investigation planning to evidence management; covert investigations to internal support requests; and from enriching intelligence briefs to automating production of warrants and briefs of evidence.

Flexible and secure

Based on decades of experience working with law enforcement, and built for the specific needs of investigators, Condor gives you the ability to define different investigation activities, multiple investigation types, processes, workflows, and documentation templates. Collaboration tools and flexible security access ensure that the right people (and only the right people) have access to the information they need to make decisions and take action.

Cut down on admin

Ready loaded with a library of templates including search warrants, memoranda, affidavits and briefs of evidence, Condor also provides the option to add your own documentation templates to further cut down on administration resourcing.

Build rich security profiles

Each investigation connects entities of interest (people, property, vehicles or companies), allowing information about the entity and their relationships to build up over time from multiple investigations, covert operations and sources to provide rich historical data to all investigators.

Specialised for Australian law enforcement

With the functionality required to manage legislative powers including warrant management, T2 powers and risk management, Condor modules integrate to provide a full-service investigation management solution to all levels of law enforcement.


Condor in action

Condor delivers their integrated solution to one of Australia’s state police services.

Providing a single source-of-truth platform, investigators in multiple regions, areas and investigative units use Condor to assess incidents, manage referrals, track decision making, plan investigations, manage compliance and reporting (with no additional admin), integrate with third-party forensic platforms, request and manage internal support requests with different teams, manage special operations and produce legal documents from automated templates.

Incidents are automatically pulled or pushed into the system, and based on easily configured rules in the system, the matter is sent to the appropriate team for initial assessment.

If further investigation is deemed appropriate, workflows and processes (configured for each specific team) are initiated – allowing for the different investigative needs within each unit.

During investigation planning and collection phases, users can select from a broad library of specialised activity types – including case notes, plans, status reports, interviews, statements evidence, checks and decisions. Each activity can have its own workflow allowing for parallel processing and easy assignment and management – significantly reducing admin time and effort.

Condor also includes specialised support for advanced law enforcement powers including warrant and notice management, informant management, controlled operations and assumed identities.

Condor provides specific workflows and dedicated dashboards to support each approval process – ensuring that what needs to be recorded for compliance  is all included within the process of managing the investigation and entails no additional admin.

Decisions about investigations are managed within the system and Condor provides easy configuration of appropriate processes for each type of investigation and approval required.

All of the rich evidentiary data gathered during an investigation is available to be fed into the brief of evidence and pulled together in the system significantly reducing admin time. Different templates are available for different brief types with full referencing and linages to the evidence matrix, output as an e-brief including evidential media and documents.

Condor can be configured to manage multiple investigation or case types, each with their own processes, business rules and templates – and as all data is in the same system: rich, powerful and fast reporting is available in real time.

Benefits of Law Enforcement

Built with the needs of the modern law enforcement investigation team in mind

Easily configure the processes, workflows, activities, templates, documents and reports – Condor allows your investigative team to work effectively and efficiently by streamlining activity and automating administration.

Security access is configurable at a granular level meaning you’ll never have to run investigations off-system. Ensure the people that need access can log in from anywhere but that sensitive investigations are compartmentalised and secure.

From case notes, plans, status reports, interviews, statements and evidence collection to briefs of evidence, intelligence reports and case records, Condor allows investigations teams to save time and resources by automating document production.