Intelligence and strategy

Condor’s sophisticated Intel module provides unparalleled investigative case and intelligence management with relationship mapping, case and entity views and comprehensive reporting.

The power of Condor’s Intel module is how information is captured and enriched. Using an entity model, each person, business, address or vehicle can have information added during relevant investigations – documenting relationships and adding layers of data whether or not they are relevant to the case under consideration. This rich data-set is available to subsequent investigations or to intel teams for reporting and insights to drive strategy.  

Flexible and secure

As with all Condor’s solutions, the Intel module can be configured for individual and team-based access, ensuring complete security for sensitive information. The flexibility of the platform allows for multiple intel views – effortlessly pivoting between viewing evidence and relationships from a case perspective or from an entity perspective. 

Cut down on admin

Developing intel profiles for investigation teams can be time consuming and slow down investigations – but Condor’s intel structure allows reports to be generated directly from the system. The flexibility to choose which information to include or disregard is built-in with document builder tools. Assignment workflows allow efficient and effective management of resources – all reducing administrative burdens on intelligence specialists. 

Build rich security profiles

Although investigators are consistently enriching entity profiles during the normal course of investigations and operations, the intelligence team can concurrently be developing a broader set of data about individual entities as information flows from other agencies or sources. This data is automatically available to investigators through the system. 

Specialised reporting for intelligence teams

With a system-wide search capability, intelligence teams can use keywords or categories to produce custom reports outside the entity- or case-centric perspective. Teams can create relationships between cases and entities and link them together to visualise the overall picture and make recommendations on a subject or theme. The system allows for a more strategic approach to intelligence – informing proactive initiatives rather than simply providing case-by-case data. 


Condor in action

Condor’s Intel module is a game changer for many intelligence teams across Australia. 

Implemented as part of the Condor suite of modules, or as a standalone intelligence management tool, Condor Intel provides unmatched functionality for intelligence teams, whether as part of law enforcement strategic, investigative or operational teams, ombudsmen or other government agencies.  

Where teams are responsible for producing intel reports, the Condor Intel module enables seamless and efficient production of templated reports including all relevant information, relationships and evidence on record. Teams can add information or commentary before generating to add value if required.  

Not only can data be entered by investigators during the normal course of their work, data can also be enriched by the intelligence teams and also pulled in from other systems via API. All information is easily be integrated into the system, with automated categorisation and entity creation where required.  

The system provides intel teams with different data views and pivots to visualise information from a case or entity perspective. Unlike other solutions that revolve around individual cases, Condor’s smart solution allows multiple views, providing unequalled insights. 

Enabling and underpinning all the data is the concept of categorisation and the relationship model. I Condor’s global categorisation system is integrated into normal day to day processes, and all entity involvements in cases are automatically added to the rich relationship model.  

Benefits of Intelligence and strategy

Deep, rich intelligence designed to deliver insights

Never lose the benefit of data that has been gathered on a case. Layer investigative intelligence with information from other sources on an entity basis to ensure that all data that has been captured can enhance investigations and provide insights. 

Condor’s innovative data structure allows intel teams to view data across cases, entities, relationships and categories and produce reports highlighting themes and trends to enable a more proactive approach.

Case operatives automatically value add to intelligence holdings simply through the normal process of executing their case – no need to do additional work or double-entry.