Integrity and Misconduct

A comprehensive investigations management tool, Condor’s unique platform is used by integrity agencies, misconduct investigators, oversight agencies and anti-corruption commissions.

Condor’s modular structure streamlines assessments and investigations and provides the highest levels of transparency, accountability and reporting as required by Australian federal, state and local governments. Condor’s integrated platform enables management of activities from matter ingestion to outcomes management – enabling sharing of intelligence, automated decision/ approvals processes and the full range of investigation activities including surveillance and special powers.

Flexible and secure

Condor understands the flexibility needed to deliver to the standards set by different commissions. With decades of experience working with integrity commissions, Condor’s platform enables processes to be defined and configured as required by law or statute. With best-of-breed security, investigation teams can be easily managed with permissions to limit information access.

Cut down on admin

Investigators can focus on high-value activities and reduce administration time by automating incoming complaints or allegations. Online complaints forms can be linked directly into the platform to initiate assessment workflows, providing the ability to provide a consistent and uniform process to assess all incoming matters and make decisions on next actions, whilst freeing up important resources.

Build rich intelligence profiles

All data entered into the system from complaints, allegations, investigations, evidence or surveillance is associated with the relevant entities, building a rich and valuable resource to inform assessments and investigations. Assessors can easily see the number of allegations made by or against a certain person; previous names or companies associated with the subject and the outcomes of previous assessments or investigations – all of which provides important context, saving time and supporting better decisions.

Specialised for integrity commissions

With the functionality required to support end-to-end investigations including specialised capability including operations and compliance powers, Condor modules integrate to provide a full-service assessment and investigation management solution for integrity and misconduct commissions.

Condor in action

Condor’s end-to-end assessment and investigations management system is used by multiple integrity commissions in Australia.

Supporting the full range of investigative powers held by these institutions, including assessment, investigations, operations (technical and physical surveillance and field tactical capability) and compliance (extra powers, different warrant types. telephone intercepts, telephone data, search warrants, phone taps and surveillance devices, Condor’s solution provides comprehensive and configurable support for the important work of integrity commissions.

Condor Assess serves the important function of ingesting high volumes of complaints and allegations while reducing time spent on administration. Whether the initial complaint is raised from online sources or via phone or mail, assessors can not only review the data included in the complaint, but visualise any history or relationships already in the system for the entities involved in order to triage and make recommendations on next steps.

Standardising the assessment process using Condor’s easy-to-configure system ensures a consistent and uniform approach to all incoming matters and the decision-making process for next actions. All decisions are recorded and trackable along with the justification of each decision. With standard processes, resource management also becomes easier – and Condor’s metrics make resource allocation and planning simple.

Full accountability of the outcomes of each assessment is recorded in the system, whether it’s a referral to another agency, a preliminary or full investigation or no further action. All outcomes can be included in automated reports, saving time and ensuring key oversight capabilities are supported.

Condor also enables different configurations for multiple investigation types, allowing the workflow processes and available investigative activities to suit the type of investigation. Workflows for complaints or reports from different sources can be varied to suit the different approval chains and reporting requirements, and preliminary and full investigations can be properly differentiated by only allowing the full suite of powers in the latter.

Condor includes tools to plan and manage hearings. Hearing briefs can be compiled and generated directly from information collections in the investigation. Summonses can be auto generated and managed, saving significant administration effort in preparing for hearings.

Condor also reduces time in the production of the brief of evidence. Constantly updated with any new evidence that has been captured, Condor’s system allows the brief to be re-generated as often as required.

Integrity commissions often have responsibility and reporting obligations which may differ from agency to agency. Condor provides the ability to confidently pull together large reports and validate numbers quickly as everything is in one system, along with all the metrics that are required.

Benefits of Integrity and Misconduct

Developed for end-to-end integrity and misconduct assessment, investigation and hearings

Every action and decision is recorded in Condor’s system, allowing for justification of all decisions and reporting on key performance metrics.

Easily configure processes, workflows, decision flows, brief of evidence production and summons – Condo streamlines activity and automates administration, enabling more effective use of resources.

Maintain all data in one system and retain it over time in an easily maintainable, fully managed system, completely tailored to your own internal procedures.