Complaints management

Designed to streamline and standardise complaints processes, including ingestion, triage, assessment and investigations, Condor’s unique modular platform provides a bespoke solution for industry ombudsmen, government commissions and the complaints departments of large government departments.

With a focus on maintaining public trust, Condor understands the imperative to run uniform, repeatable processes. Condor’s easily configurable system allows for processes and workflows to be defined, managed and easily reported, ensuring KPIs are met and resources managed appropriately. 

Flexible and secure

Designed and built with the highest levels of security, the Condor system ensures confidentiality in sensitive areas. Workflows can be configured to ensure that the right teams or areas of the organisation receive the only information on the proper topics. 

Cut down on admin

When dealing with large volumes of incoming data (complaints, allegations, or information), a core feature of Condor’s solution is automated ingestion and triage processes – which cuts down the resources required in initial processing. Outcomes management – whether criminal referrals, or internal management can be documented through automated templates, saving further time and administration effort.

Build rich security profiles

Any matters ingested into the system automatically create entities in the system – whether persons, businesses, addresses or vehicles. If an entity already exists, the new information will be appended to the record, and the assessor will have access to past or linked information to support the assessment process. 

Specialised for complaints management

Condor’s Assess module is tailor-made for complaints management – allowing ingestion of large volumes, with configurable workflows and outcomes to ensure targets are met and the highest level of rigour is applied to each individual matter. Where further investigation is required, the Condor Investigate module provides a sophisticated, comprehensive investigations management toolkit which seamlessly integrates with the Assess module. 


Condor in action

Condor’s platform is used across Australia in complaints management settings.

Where organisations are tasked with gathering information and stories from the public – whether as an industry ombudsman, independent or specialist complaints management teams – Condor understands the benefits and importance of standardised processes.

To reduce the administrative burden of uploading incoming complaints into a system, teams using the Condor solution are able to automate this process and implement sophisticated triage systems that routes workflows to the appropriate team or area.

The platform enables repeatable and reportable assessment activities, including access to the intelligence layer of the system which provides valuable insights into the entities involved in the matter. All activities, including recommendations and outcomes are documented and easily traceable to present a clear assessment process.

Condor can also support more complex decision-making processes, that involve multiple approval chains or may incorporate panel or board requirements. Recommendations can be forwarded to panel members to review and add comment outside of session. Cases can be flagged for further in-session discussion or recommendations endorsed. All managed online and recorded within the secure system. A final precise of the case and evaluation comments can then be automatically generated for the final decision maker, who can simply review and record their decisions.

Where investigations are required, the full power of the Condor Investigate module can be implemented, ensuring end-to-end oversight and transparency into the process including criminal referrals or internal disciplinary measures.

Benefits of Complaints management

Enabling accurate and timely complains management

Condor’s configurable workflows enable organisations to demonstrate that all complaints are given equal consideration and exactly why decisions were made – with accurate and user-friendly supporting documentation production built-in. 

Ensure that all actions are reportable, KPIs are met and resources are deployed effectively with Condor’s insights and metrics. All reporting and documentation can be auto-generated ensuring high levels of oversight and transparency. 

Automatically ingest complaints and resolve entities to provide a complete picture of previous matters for involved parties.  Automatically generate letters, notices, reports and other documents populated with information from the case.