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Investigation and intelligence management software from Australian experts

Enterprise-grade investigation software

Condor is a comprehensive suite of investigation and intelligence management solutions, specifically designed for Australian law enforcement, intelligence, compliance and regulatory organisations.

Harnessing decades of industry experience and domain knowledge, Condor by Distillery Software is purpose-built for the specialised and dynamic needs of investigations, case management, intelligence, compliance and operations.

With world-class enterprise security, full audit and oversight functionality and integration options, Condor improves communication, resource management, decision making, accountability and productivity.

Australian-owned, based in Canberra

Born of decades of Australian experience providing investigation management solutions for government agencies and the private sector.

Flexible and integrated

Condor modules work together as a complete system or can be implemented separately and configured to your requirements.

Specialist solution for expert investigators

Developed with a deep understanding of the complex needs and legislative requirements of investigation management.

Security baked in

World-class security and user management provides access by the right people at the right time through Condor’s cloud-based system.

More than software

Condor helps organisations become more efficient, accountable and achieve better outcomes by defining and automating processes seamlessly.

Industry specialist

Law enforcement, national security, border protection, anti-corruption and regulatory agencies across Australia integrate Condor in their operations.

For more insight into how Condor supports your industry and investigation function, contact us to schedule an obligation-free demo.

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About Distillery Software

Distillery Software has over 20 years of experience providing enterprise-grade investigation and intelligence management solutions for government agencies and the private sector in Australia and internationally.

Condor (by Distillery Software) is the product of this specialist industry experience and focus.

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